Character Creation

Character Pre-Campaign

Please consider that this campain will take place in a "fish-out-of-water" setting, and elements of the character's backstory will not directly appear or be referenced in the campaign.

Given that, having a rich backstory will help you figure out who your character is and what their motivations are.

The following is the short lead up to the start of session 1.

Campaign Intro

Source Books Allowed

  • Player's Handbook
  • Xanathar's Guide to Everything
  • Tasha's Cauldron of Everything
  • Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft

D&D Beyond Integration

To participate in the Chronicles of Mist :: The Curse of Strahd Von Zarovich campaign, all characters must be created using the following link:

Campaign Link on D&D Beyond

Initial settings for D&D Beyond Character Creation


Hitpoints are calculated standard per level, according to the rules specified in the Player's Handbook.


Choose your character's attributes using one of the following methods:

  • Standard Array
  • Point Buy
  • 4d6 Drop Lowest - Rolls must be made on Discord in #spg01-cos-dice using the command !randchar. You get two attempts only, keeping the one you like. If the resulting score is lower than point buy or standard array, you may opt for those methods.

Starting Level

All characters will begin the campaign at level 2.


Starting Equipment

  • Choose Equipment
  • Select relevant equipment
  • Add Starting Equipment


Characters are often driven by deep-seated motivations that shape their goals and actions. Consider what drives your character in their quests and interactions and chose one:

  • Motivation
  • Knowledge
  • Redemption
  • Family
  • Inheritance
  • Wealth
  • Healing
  • Duty
  • Power
  • Ambition
  • Faith
  • Harmmony
  • Justice

Flaws and Character Arcs

Consider choosing a flaw for your character to overcome through their journey. Each flaw comes with a potential arc for development:

Flaw Character Arc
AddictionI must learn to conquer the addictions and demons that twist my better nature.
AmbitionI must learn to value things other than power and control.
AngerI must learn to let go of my need for revenge.
AnxietyI must learn to be confident in my ability to protect those I love.
ApathyI must learn to hold hope again for the future.
ControlI must learn to let go of my need to control those around me.
CynicismI must learn to have faith in things greater than myself once again.
DenialI must learn to allow myself to grieve for the things I have lost.
DoubtI must learn to become the hero that I've been waiting for.
GreedI must learn to let go of the things I believe I'm owed.
GriefI must learn to move past the loved one that I lost.
GuiltI must learn to let go of my guilt for my failure to protect my loved one.
HesitationI must learn to conquer my fear of the responsibilities that are expected of me.
HubrisI must learn to accept that others have wisdom that I do not.
ImpietyI must learn to find my way back to the grace that I abandoned.
InsecurityI must learn to define myself apart from the expectations of others.
IsolationI must learn to open up and allow others to get close to me.
NaiveteI must learn to protect myself from those who would take advantage of me.
NarcissismI must learn to value the lives and experiences of others.
NostalgiaI must learn to leave the past behind and to look to the future instead.
ObsessionI must learn to confront the harms that my obsessions have caused to others.
ParanoiaI must learn to stop using my fears as an excuse to harm others.
PrideI must learn to ask others for help, rather than shouldering responsibility alone.
RecklessnessI must learn to slow down—to stop, wait, and think before I act.
ResentmentI must learn to let go of the anger that was born from my grief.
RuthlessnessI must learn the value of mercy and compassion.
SanctimonyI must learn to let go of my need to feel righteous and pure.
ShameI must learn to let go of my guilt for the mistakes that I have made.
SpiteI must learn to forgive those who have hurt those I love.
StubbornnessI must learn to overcome my pride and make amends to those I have hurt.
TimidityI must learn to stand up for myself, rather than letting others control me.


Bonds represent the connections your character has to the world, other characters, and ongoing events. These ties can strongly influence your character's motivations and actions. Consider developing at least one bond that can be explored or tested during the campaign.

Bond Character History
AbuseOne of my siblings was cruel to me as a child. I've forgiven them, but never forgotten.
BitternessTwo warring lords brought devastation to my community. I wish I could show them the cost of their war.
BoundariesI was once pursued by an unrelenting suitor. No one should have to endure what I did.
ComparisonMy older sibling was burdened by great expectations while I was not. I think they resented me for it.
CompassionSomeone tried to steal from me once. Rather than hurting them, I helped them instead.
ConcernOne of my loved ones left home to seek their fortune. I hope they're staying safe.
CorruptionEveryone knows that power corrupts. I've seen how firsthand.
DeterminationMy mentor was one of the few people that believed in me. I'm determined to make them proud.
DevastationSomeone once destroyed everything I cared about. I can't understand what could drive someone to such evil.
DevotionI love my family above all else. There's nothing I wouldn't do to protect them.
DignityPeople should never be used as a means to an end. I should know.
DivisionMy family was split by a bitter feud. I still hope that they'll reconcile someday.
EmpathyI'll never forget the sound my parents made when they learned that my sibling had died.
FaithI know what it's like to be persecuted for what you believe in. I never let it shake my beliefs.
ForgivenessSomeone once did me great harm. It was only much later that I learned to forgive them.
GratitudeSomeone took me in when I had no one else to turn to. I'll always be grateful.
HopeI lost someone close to me to addiction and vice. I still hope that they'll get better someday.
HumilityI've seen what happens when people think they have all the answers. It never turns out well.
JudgmentI've seen people cause great harm in the name of faith. They laughed when I called it a sin.
LossOne of my loved ones was stolen away from me. I'm still searching for them.
LoyaltySomeone close to me fell onto a dark path. I'd do anything to redeem them.
NostalgiaOne of my parents loved to create things. Their work always brought me joy.
OppressionA cruel lord once ruled my community. I'll never forgive the harms he caused to my people.
RegretI once knew someone with grand, ambitious plans. I wish they'd heeded my advice.
ResponsibilityI watched someone allow their family to come to ruin. I'll never do the same.
RomanceLove never dies. It might flicker, but I'll never let it burn out.
SecrecyI once promised someone I'd keep their secrets safe. I intend to do so—no matter the cost.